Roller skating is both a fun and exciting way to stay in shape. Come experience roller skating in a fun new way! Our skate sessions are unique in the sense that we skate entirely under blacks lights and fun lighting so make sure your wear your black light sensitive clothing. With fun games and prizes, skating is always a good choice for exciting, healthy, family fun. We offer regular roller skates, roller blades, and speed skates.




Every Friday and Saturday night we have what we call "skate/dances." These allow the customers to both enjoy skating and dancing. On a Friday nights we will have just skating from 7-9 then from 9-11 we split the floor into two sections (on a sat we skate from 7-9 and dance from 9-10). This allows for dancing on one side and allows skating to continue on the other. So come and move to your favorite dance songs!




To make all skate sessions a fun experience we always make sure to incorporate fun games to keep the kids entertained. This give the skaters a chance to test their skill, and luck, and when some cool prizes.

Some Games Include: The Door Game, Cup Game, Limbo, Dead Bug, Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, Topsy Turvy Trio, Dodge Ball, Races, and many more.




We have a fully stocked arcade complete with redemption machines. Come and play your favorite games and win tickets and spend them at our fun redemption center. Our machines take both quarters and tokens (token are the same value as quarters).

Token Specials

25 Tokens - $5.00

50 Tokens - $10.00

100 Tokens - $20.00




After playing all the fun arcade game feel free to bring all your tickets up to the redemption center and see what all you can get! We are prizes for all values even as low as 1 ticket, so everyone is a winner!





We have a fully stocked snack bar with all of your favorite skating foods. From candy bars to pizza to Slushi's, we guarantee you will find something to fill any craving!





Choose from either of our two private party rooms! Both are decorated in fun colors and are sure to complete any birthday party. Each party is allowed one hour use of  one of our private party rooms.





Come and visit our new mascot Kooky Bird! Our purple feathered friend is always more than willing to make a special appearance and even lead all the kids in the hokey pokey and chicken dance. 





Enjoy the benefits of our recently built state-of-the-art DJ room, complete with all the latest in popular music. New speakers and new sound equipment allow the skaters and dancers to enjoy great music at the finest of quality.




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